LineZero Development

Our Clients

We view our clients as the core of our business. They are the heart and soul of what we do, and every decision we make can affect the way they do business. We do not take this responsibility lightly. Our processes are specifically targeted at keeping projects within budget, ensuring a high quality standard, and making responsible decisions that will help clients achieve their own specific long term goals.

The client relationships that we have developed over the past 15 years have helped us to understand their business models, have allowed us to help them shape their future business plans, and have been mutually beneficial to both the clients and ourselves. Our  clients enjoy an honest and straight forward approach to business as well as the ability to have access to an increasingly skilful group of senior developers.

Our Past Work

The majority of work that we do for our clients is not available for public view. Our past projects have ranged from large scale business systems, intranets, and web based business management applications, to contest sites, promotional campaigns, administrative panels, and content management utilities.

Although we cannot share a vast majority of work with you, we can share a few clients who have had faith in our services in the past.  Please contact us for more details.