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In the fast-paced world of Web 2.0, a static or hard-to-update website can get very old, very quickly. Whether you're blogging, growing your product selection, or keeping your testimonials page looking fresh, using a web Content Management System (CMS) that works to meet your business' needs is an important step toward improving your online presence. LineZero Development understands how important it is for businesses to keep their customers informed and connected in real time.

Experience is showing us that simply advertising promotions over different disconnected marketing channels has the potential for losing prospects. To succeed businesses need to have a conversation with customers and potential customers, showing up at the right time, continuing where the conversation left off, and offering just the right content to move the conversation forward.

The more you know about the interests and behaviors of your customers and prospects, the better site experience you can provide them each time they visit.

To succeed, businesses need to engage customers and potential customers in discussion at the right time, continue where the conversation left off, and offer just the right content to move the conversation forward. The more you know about the interests and behaviors of your customers and prospects, the better site experience you can provide them each time they visit your website.

In addition to the basic editing functions most Content Management Systems also offer:

  • Content scheduling
  • Content approval processes
  • A robust content editor
  • Built in search tools
  • Search engine optimization tools
  • Multi-language capabilities

And more...

LineZero can deliver a web CMS with powerful built-in analytics to deliver in-context, in-time information about visitors as they progress through your site.  We can install a web CMS that consists of Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Monitoring and Analysis and Search Engine Optimization.

This will:

  • Capture rich insights into your customers and their interests with built-in content profiling
  • Quickly identify changing preferences and adjust content in real time for a personalized site experience
  • Verify and tune your messages for different customer groups that help them progress along highly desired site paths
  • Pinpoint the online experiences that produce the best results


  1. Cost savings. If you have no control over the content of your website and you rely on a third party to update it at your request, moving to a CMS system will almost certainly save your business a lot of time and money.

  2. Improved website performance. If you and your colleagues are able to update content easily, your site will stay much fresher, which is great for your search engine presence and social rankings. More control would also allow you to actively optimize content—either for search engines or for visitors.

  3. Staying in the game. The Web is constantly evolving. A flexible web CMS that is built to adapt and scale will make your business more likely to thrive online, as well as the ability to engage with customers through your website.

Unified Integration

LineZero can easily implement a content management system that fits in with your existing investments.

Although we have experience with several content management systems such as: Microsoft SharePoint, ADXStudio, Joomla and DotNetNuke.

Our most popular option with clients has become a product named Sitecore. Sitecore is a robust .net based CMS system with a solid presence in the CMS industry. Our developers are certified by Sitecore and their experience allows them to implement sites and intranets quickly while avoiding many of the pitfalls that are so common with inexperienced developers.

Sitecore is based on the latest Microsoft technology, offering out of- the box integration with:

  • Windows SharePoint Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM through version 2011 and Microsoft Active Directory.

As well, Sitecore solutions successfully incorporate technology for:

  • Customer databases like Oracle, SAP and many others
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Content Delivery
  • Security and Authentication
  • Search
  • Analytics

Choosing and installing a new CMS is a great opportunity to improve how you do things on your website, and to challenge what your business can get from its online presence.

To learn more about how to choose the right web Content Management System download a FREE whitepaper "Choosing the Best Web Content Management Solution".

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