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Custom Software Development

In today's market software development  can take many forms depending on the needs of the client and the demands of the project:

  • Web based business applications
  • Windows applications
  • Back office integrations
  • Interactive and collaborative web sites
  • Exposed web services
  • Reporting and tracking projects
  • Mobile application development
    (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile)
  • Apple iPad application development

Our team is not only experienced in the various platforms that we deal with, but they are excited about the possibilities that exist. Our development methodology breaks projects into comfortable chucks that allow us to work with the client to properly construct  their solution targeted at a single, or in some cases, multiple development platforms.

In this area "Hands on Experience is Key". This single factor can make the difference between a successful development project and a complete failure.  Our experience helps us to determine issues or concerns with specific technologies early in the process. This ensures that we can design a solution efficiently with minimal concern of roadblocks or additional costs during the development cycle.

Custom Web Solutions

Can your organization gain an edge with the right software?
Can't find that software in the market?

Then custom software may be the right approach for you. Historically this would involve several risk factors and was a difficult step to take however this is not longer the case. Our process for software development helps minimize risk inherent in these projects, while maximizing your return as early as possible.  In today's market, we are seeing smaller companies take advantage of custom software to improve their position in the market. In some cases these projects may be geared toward internal operating efficiencies, greater control over business processes or simply provide a more robust service that sets the client apart from their competitors. Regardless of the motivation, today's client is more educated and understands the value of software that is specifically tailored to their business and the benefits that it brings to the table.

Our team works with you to closely examine your business processes, the development process not only takes these into consideration, but tries to help improve them and in some cases offer automation opportunities to save manpower costs.

Our development experience spans several verticals:
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Promotional marketing
  • Non-profit
Our goal with each client is to invite them into our process. Their involvement allows them to have great control over costs and input into the direction and approach our developers are taking.  The result is a more accurate project that arrives on budget and on time.

Productivity Ideas

Mobile Development

Mobile computing makes it easy to stay connected to your business applications. Businesses can no longer go without it.

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