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Digital Marketing System (DMS)

A Digital Marketing System (DMS) utilizes the entire concepts of Digital Marketing (DM) so to Improve Marketing ROI and understand campaign and website performance.  A DMS can help you gain the insight you need to improve conversion rates and generate more qualified leads through web, e-mail, mobile and social channels.


A DMS gives you a comprehensive overview of marketing performance and channel effectiveness by allowing you to:

  • Track customer engagement
  • Identify top-performing campaigns
  • Measure marketing initiatives across multiple channels

A DMS lets you leverage digital marketing strategies to create powerful resources such as:

Using the analytics tools in a DMS you can gather deep insight into the visitor experience, identify patterns, target different types of visitors and modify your site to deliver the right information at the right time to create conversions.

E-mail Marketing 
Create relevant, compelling email campaigns to attract more visitors to your site, engage with them, and convert them into customers. 

Marketing Automation
Automate interactions with your customers and prospects with a unified system that remembers previous visitor history to continue ongoing, personalized conversations.

Gather Valuable Information
Close the gap between marketing and sales by identifying and nurturing new and active prospects on your website and deliver well-qualified leads to the sales team. 


Digital marketing is similar to internet marketing except that it encompasses all types of digital media. 

Digital marketing uses a wide variety of digital sources to promote products or services. Basically, it efficiently distributes digital advertisements using many different devices. These include mobile devices, websites, instant messages, and SMS just to name a few.

Types of Digital Marketing
At the core, digital marketing centers around the Internet, which has become both a communication vehicle and a very powerful marketing medium There are two separate types of DM; push and pull.

Push DM: In this strategy marketing methods are geared to push advertising data toward intended recipients using various digital means. It could incorporate the use of SMS, e-mail or an RSS feed. The largest benefit from push marketing is that the message being sent to clientele can be targeted and personalized. This technique is also very easy to track and measure each campaign’s effectiveness.

Pull DM: These methods are all aimed at getting potential customers and visitors to come to you. Content is presented in a way that they will find you or your business directly. Generally, this is a web page or some other type of web based medium. These are not as personalized as Push DM methods.

Productivity Ideas

Mobile Development

Mobile computing makes it easy to stay connected to your business applications. Businesses can no longer go without it.

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