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Web Application Security & Risk Evaluation

Web Application Security

The technology landscape has rapidly changed over the past ten years, which has made way for more security risks than businesses needed to concern themselves with in the past.  This statement is true for traditional businesses and development firms alike.

In many cases, development firms who may be skilled and experienced in the area of software development are not aware of the security risks that may exist in the products they produce. The results of these risks can range from simple annoyances to catastrophic repercussions.

At LineZero, we have partnered with industry certified security organizations in order to ensure that our developers not only understand the vulnerabilities that could exist in their code, but how to test and  avoid them altogether. We have developed several internal processes that guard against common risks such as SQL Injection, Cross Side Scripting, and parameter manipulation. In addition, our team adheres to industry standard OSSTMM and OWASP methodologies when conducting code reviews and application security assessments.

Application Risk Assessment

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the security and reliability of our developed software we ubmit our deployed applications to a third party certified security body to complete an independent application risk assessment.

Most network layer protection (firewall, SSL, IDS, etc,) is not application aware and cannot detect application layer attacks. An application security assessment is a thorough review of the application from both a technical and non-technical perspective to determine if it violates corporate policies or introduces security weaknesses. Penetration tests and code reviews are performed by a security expert with a background in application development. The result is a detailed report with specific recommendations.

Risk Evaluation

Although part of our risk evaluation does include a review of your software and an application risk assessment, risk goes beyond the obvious topic of application security.

In order to properly evaluate the risk that an organization is subject to, it is important to understand their business, intended market direction, infrastructure layout, and internal policies. This understanding goes a long way in understanding the environment in which the business operates and its exposure to various forms of risk. Some of these include:

  • Possible system downtime and associated costs
  • Data security and reliability
  • Infrastructure performance and reliability vs costs
  • Improper documentation policies
  • Exposure of intellectual property
  • Network and application vulnerabilities
  • Lack of upgrade or migration path in aging systems

In some cases the results of this evaluation highlight issues with internal policy, inappropriate knowledge transfer, or the need to upgrade existing business components.

The goal is to ensure that our client is aware of the potential risks so that they can make informed decisions and develop a future action plan relating to how to mitigate the risks to their business.  If corrections are required, we can assist with the work directly, or work with our client's IT personnel to provide guidance based on our experience.

Productivity Ideas

Technology Planning

Our technology planning services are focused specifically on reviewing each of the driving forces behind a development project and ensuring that the result targets both the existing challenges or driving factors along with the long term business needs of the organization.

Website Development

Whether you need help maintaining, managing expanding your current website(s) or developing one, LineZero carries out each web project according to your specific needs.

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