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Software Maintenance

The reality of business is that we do not always have the luxury of starting a development project from scratch. Some clients have legacy systems in place which limp along, serving their purpose, while clients who have developed a substantial reliance on the system are limited by its flexibility and the option to upgrade.

In these case, we work with clients to properly evaluate the severity of the issues.

  • Is the system critical to the operation of the company?
  • Is the system failing?
  • Can it be migrated to a new platform easily?
  • What costs is the organization exposed to if the system fails?
  • Are the limitations restricting the client's business growth?

In many cases, minor changes can be slowly implemented to increase the reliability of the legacy system. In other cases, small add-on applications can be written which read and write to the same data structure. This allows us to supply the client with a staggered migration plan which is more budget friendly and allows for proper business planning.

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Technology Planning

Our technology planning services are focused specifically on reviewing each of the driving forces behind a development project and ensuring that the result targets both the existing challenges or driving factors along with the long term business needs of the organization.

Software Development

Can your organization gain an edge with the right software?Can't find that software in the market?  Then custom software may be the right approach for you.

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