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Technology Planning

Our firms name is in no way just a cute name, it is a statement of where a project should begin... "LineZero" represents the fact that there are important factors that will affect the success of your project and they each exist before the first line of code is written.

Our technology planning services are focused specifically on reviewing each of the driving forces behind a development project and ensuring that the result targets both the existing challenges or driving factors along with the long term business needs of the organization.
This requires more than a simple evaluation of requirements and brings several thoughts to the forefront:

  • Have we identified each of the existing business issues?
  • Are these issues related to ageing processes?
  • Can we help the client better manage their internal processes?
  • Are there multiple options from a platform or technology point of view?
  • What are the maintenance and scalability implications of each?
  • Will the projects direction impede or assist in the long term goals of the organization?
  • Have we identified a functional workflow that is scalable and flexible enough to grow with the client in years to come?

These, along with additional discussions help to look at a software development project from all angles. This will help to ensure that the chosen platform, functional design, and technology backbone and the correct choices for the organization; both for today , and tomorrow.

Productivity Ideas

Web Application Security & Risk Evaluation

Our goal is to ensure that our client is aware of any potential risks so that they can make informed decisions and develop a future action plan relating to how to mitigate the risks to their business.

Business Process Automation (BPA)

What if you could do your job in less time? Sounds great, doesn't it? With BPA all this and more is possible.

Software Development

Can your organization gain an edge with the right software?Can't find that software in the market?  Then custom software may be the right approach for you.

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