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With the majority of our clients being at the enterprise level we are regularly asked to help them overcome the challenges involved in running a large organization. One topic that regularly comes up is the ability to search for content.

Clients house content in a vast array of formats: MS Word, MS Excel, Email messages, PDF Documents, Text files, Reports, and even external web sites.  In most cases, these documents are uncategorized, stored in various different locations, and all have different security credentials.

The Challenge:

How to provide clients with the ability to search this content pool quickly, simply and with great accuracy.

Our past project research has lead us to various search technologies. While each of these technologies perform the basic task, some are less reliable, require specialized knowledge of a query language, carry high licensing costs or have high implementation costs.

Google Enterprise SearchOver the past few years, we have had great success with Google's various search appliances such as the Google Mini, and the larger Google Search Appliance (GSA). Each provides an extremely reliable foundation that ties seamlessly into your infrastructure.  They can be configured to index various types of content, including document  structures, internal intranets, external web locations and respects security credentials of the individual searching. The hardware provided by Google is also extremely reliable and in most cases can operate with little concern or intervention.
Our project experience with these platforms have allows us to accomplish robust search solutions for our clients that allow for advanced features such as content categorization, search filtering by date, author, document type, or even geographic location.

If you are faced with issues managing documentation, knowledge pools, or simply require the ability to provide optimized search features within your organization, we'd be happy to review your requirements and help navigate the sea of existing search platforms to determine what will work best for your environment.

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