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Sitecore Certified Solution PartnerSitecore is a leader in Web Content Management and Online Engagement. Sitecore builds business application software that consists of platforms for Web Content Management System ("CMS") and Customer Engagement, which includes website solutions and integrated automation of marketing tasks and e-commerce.

Sitecore is a robust .net based CMS system with a solid presence in the CMS industry. Our developers are certified by Sitecore and their experience allows them to implement sites and intranets quickly while avoiding many of the pitfalls that are so common with inexperienced developers.

To succeed, businesses need to engage customers and potential customers in discussion at the right time, continue where the conversation left off, and offer just the right content to move the conversation forward. The more you know about the interests and behaviors of your customers and prospects, the better site experience you can provide them each time they visit your website.

Unified Integration

LineZero can easily implement a content management system that fits in with your existing investments. Sitecore is based on the latest Microsoft technology, offering out of- the box integration with:

  • Windows SharePoint Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM through version 2011 and Microsoft Active Directory.

As well, Sitecore solutions successfully incorporate technology for:

  • Customer databases like Oracle, SAP and many others
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Content Delivery
  • Security and Authentication
  • Search
  • Analytics

Productivity Ideas

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