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Business Process Automation


BPA is the use of technology components to substitute and/or supplement manual processes to manage information flow within an organization to: 

  • lower costs;
  • reduce risk, and increase consistency;
  • create more efficiency;
  • simplify and improve business workflows;
  • stay on top of changing business needs;
  • reduce human error;
  • and clarify job roles and responsibilities.

Business processes can be determined for many different functions of company activities, including sales, management, operations, supply chain, human resources and IT. A business process is often started by a trigger, such as the filing of an expense report, which initiates a set of predefined workflow steps, or processes, that conclude with the employee receiving reimbursement. 

Here are a few common business scenarios to consider when deciding if your business would benefit from implementing business process automation. 

  • Do your employees manually process routine procedures? If so, how many? 

  • Do your employees spend more than 35% of their time doing repetitive or administrative tasks? Many of these repetitive actions can be automated, and many administrative tasks can be systematized to eliminate the manual steps involved. 

  • Are you struggling to reduce labour costs, increase output, and speed up handling and processing — or all three? These are common benefits of business process automation, and often an immediate and positive ROI impact can be seen after deployment.

  • Do executives, managers and supervisors have little or no visibility into work status, relying instead on occasional “status reports” to make important management decisions? Business process automation provides live, concrete, up-to-the-second status information to improve business decisions. As importantly, detailed historical reporting provides a complete review of past performance to reveal areas for improvement as well as future trends.

  • Must employees traverse between communications systems, business systems and business applications to complete their work? Business process automation bridges other systems and applications, giving employees a single environment in which to manage the entire workflow.

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